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Distributor Story
-Project Soweto -

Hello everyone! MedAID has recently been in contact with Rocky Soweto an individual who does amazing work of collecting and supplying simple first aid kits to the people in Soweto (A township in South Africa ).

Read on more below for the short interview with him and for his photos. On a side note, do feel free to look up his insta : Rocky Soweto, for more updates on his progress 
= Q & A Session with Rocky Soweto =

Q1: How did Project Soweto come about?
A1: Well, back in February 2018, I was the team leader for a Humberside Police prize winners trip to Kruger Park, which included a visit to the Soweto Township. Whilst at the Kliptown Youth Program site I saw a young girl with a cut on her foot, leaving a bloody footprint. When I asked the local guide if he was going to do anything he said: "How and with what".
When I made enquires, it turned out that there was no first aid anywhere, which stunned me. It bothered me so much I went back in June and ran a community based first aid course, handing out kits to everyone who attended. This developed into further visits and more kit but also focused on reducing waste namely the first aid equipment we put in the landfill.

Q2: Do you work in collaboration with any other organisations for your projects?
A: In terms of donations - yes. I am in contact with a charity called Jacobs Well, which is located in Beverley, East Yorkshire. (If you Google them, they have a good website). So, every time I get medical donations, I’d take out the first aid and take the rest to them. This has included hospital screens and beds, which are being shipped out in three weeks to Burkina Faso for their new maternity ward. Also, it now seems I am working with two local Yorkshire first aid training companies and we intend to set up a charity to fund large teams to go to Soweto and to expand this project further.

Q3: I am guessing that there might possibly be quite a number of challenges that you are facing, could you list a few of that?
A3: You mentioned challenges and sadly there are quite a lot. There is no water, electricity, housing, jobs or schooling. Ambulance response times are 2 hours 30 minutes and they don't go into the township. Working with local Government department is also very problematic, as most of the time they don't even answer e-mails. However I am getting used to this, and most of the time just smile when they promise anything.

Distributor Story
-Al-Bir SCIO -

Recently, we have collaborated with Al-Bir SCIO which is an amazing fundraising charity for a cause in Chad. 

Imagine living in the hot and humid desert with the only option of drinking contaminated water- this is a nightmarish reality in the life of thousands of individuals living in Chad. As such, Al-Bir SCIO is currently fundraising to build water wells in the rural areas of Chad to allow better access to clean water. 

While doing so, they'd also noted the need for basic medical equipment which is lacking in those areas, hence, collected a huge donation of medical supplies from Medicaid to be distributed to hospitals in Chad. 

Please do visit their facebook page to get a better understanding of their amazing work!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
MedAID Committee with Al-Bir SCIO after loading a car full of equipment 
Basic medical equipment supplies that were taken to Chad 

Distributor Story

Mendewa Clinic - a nonprofit organisation has recently been in contact and collected all available inventory from MedAid in order to fulfil their vision and goal of establishing a 24-hour purpose-built hospital for the community in the Southern province of Bo, Sierra Leone!

For the past 30 years, Sierra Leone has experienced countless obstacles (civil war, flooding, landslides, Malaria and the Ebola epidemic ) which has hindered its social, economic and environmental development, leading to issues such as high poverty and illiteracy rate. This combined with the lack of access to even the most basic healthcare needs has seen a huge rise in mortality, especially amongst the impoverished community.

To address these issues, the Prince Forde Foundation is collaborating and working with the local Mendewa community to provide basic healthcare facilities. Recently in June 2018, the much welcomed and needed Mendewa Clinic was opened. Looking ahead, to meet the long term healthcare needs of the locals, a 24-hour hospital plan is now underway.
The hospital building has been completed and all it’s looking for, and urgently, are the much-needed donations of cash, medical equipment and volunteers. MedAid is proud to be able to help support via supplying them with the much-needed hospital equipment, all thanks to the MedAid volunteers and the local hospitals.
Do pop by and take a look at Mendewa Clinic’s website https://mendewaclinic.org or visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/fordefoundation/ ! 
Donations and volunteers are always highly appreciated !!!

Mendewa Clinic 

Sending equipment off! 

Distributor Story 

MedAid Edinburgh has been collaborating with The Gambia Volunteers in supporting their quest to help the Gambian hospitals with medical items. 
Hospital equipment like general first aid kids, test tubes and resuscitation manikins have been donated to Bwiam General Hospital on the 5th of May 2019. The hospital itself is located in the rural area of Gambia and is amongst those which are facing acute shortage of medical items.
“The medical items were very useful and the entire region was very grateful to have these items. The hospital serves the entire region, for example, the size of WEST YORKSHIRE “
Undeniably, the medical items were very well received, to the extent of being featured in the national television news report!
MedAID would like to take this chance to say thank you to all the hospitals who have kindly donated these items and to all the volunteers involved in the gathering, transporting and delivering of all these lifesaving equipment!

Distributor Story
-TANZANIA by Dr Simon Durkin -

Edinburgh alumnus Dr Simon Durkin brought two packed bags of MedAID equipment to Mombo, Tanzania. The hospital team were delighted with the supplies and the flexibility of resources available helped to make a massive difference to the clinic.
“The trip was a planned part of an F3 year out before specialty training in order to gain experience of medicine in Tanzania, build further links with staff and assess needs for further donations. I had previously met the staff during my undergraduate elective at Edinburgh.

I wished to return (with my wife!) to experience the daily struggles faced in rural healthcare in-country, to gain experience relevant to a career in tropical medicine and infectious diseases and to see some of the stunning natural environment.

The items from MedAID helped to replenish essential items in stores, such as sutures, gloves, needles and syringes. All are costly and the hospital receives little reliable government funding, yet is obliged to assist the impoverished local population. Additionally, some consumables can't always be obtained, even from elsewhere in the country.”

No photo description available.

Elective Testimony by Corrine Cao, Class of 2017

Corrine Cao brought equipment from MedAID on her 6th Year medical elective trip in Spring 2017. She distributed a range of supplies to Grace Medical Services in Kunming, China, including slings, casts, foam dressings, hand drills and drapes for use in the clinic’s minor surgery unit. 
She observed the equipment being used in a range of medical situations, including cases of contracture release in burns and amputations and one especially moving case where a young girl with osteomyelitis was extremely grateful to receive a cast walker boot.
“MedAID is a great way of recycling unused equipment from our hospitals to other facilities that require them more. This minimises waste and also ensures the sustainability of other health institutions that do not receive as much financial support.”

Elective Testimony by Arina Tamborskha, Class of 2018

Arina Tamborska brought MedAID equipment to Connaught Hospital, Freetown in Sierra Leone during Spring 2018 as part of her 6th Year elective trip. Sutures, syringes and laryngoscopes from the store were among the equipment transported and these were used to deliver a staff trauma training course to improve care at the hospital. 
This experience was arranged through the King’s Sierra Leone Partnership, which is a collaboration that brings together the hospital, the country’s medical school and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, contributing to projects that aim to strengthen the system of healthcare in Sierra Leone.

Distributor Story

Recently, MedAID collaborated with ReACT (Re-Act, Refugee Action - Scotland) Scotland where we CLEARED almost 2 of our storerooms to send medical supplies to Samos, a Greek Island where thousands of refugees have set up camp. 

We've recently heard back from them with fantastic news:

Dear friends, the medical aid you donated to us is now on Samos and already in use.
I have just returned from the camp and met with Manos, the local doctor, and Sophie, a volunteer who recently set up a clinic here. They have written a letter of thanks and also of reassurance that the aid you donated will only be used for the refugees.
We just want to take this opportunity to take everyone who have been supporting us and ReAct. The situation in Samos is just heartbreaking but at the same time this letter from Dr Manos is comforting because there is a means to help where we are. As they said: 
"We are always in need of medical equipment and supplies." 
If you would like to get involved - please join our MedAID Volunteers group to find out more. 

Distributor Story by Hannah Douglas, Class of 2020

Hannah Douglas brought blood glucose monitors and drapes from MedAID to Peru as part of a Global Health Internship in Spring 2018.

Elective Testimony by Alex Danson, Class of 2018
Alex Danson brought MedAID supplies to Haydom Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania on his 6th Year elective in Spring 2018. He visited rural Africa in order to experience medicine in a non-Western culture and learn about tropical diseases in paediatric, medical and surgical settings. The staff were extremely grateful for scarce disposable supplies, as this prevented intravenous cannula reuse that put patients at risk of blood-borne infections.
The highlight of my trip was going on outreach with the hospital team to deliver a WHO-sponsored vaccine programme to local children in rural villages. This was an incredible experience, and the mothers bringing in their children were hugely grateful for the programme. 
"I would absolutely recommend MedAID for any students or medical staff going abroad to visit hospitals in developing countries. They provided as much equipment as we were able to transport, and the hospital I visited in rural Tanzania was hugely grateful for the donation.”

Elective Testimony by Ed Tulloch, Class of 2016

A final year medical student Ed Tulloch went to Gambia for his electives and brought along equipment supplied by MedAID. 

Thank you Ed for getting in touch and bringing over these items, and for letting us share these here!
"I took a whole suitcase of equipment out to The Gambia having asked the hospital in advance what they would appreciate. They received the equipment very gratefully. Whilst I was there, we used cannulas from Edinburgh to manage sick patients. Just as I arrived it seemed they had run out of large gloves so I was able to replace their stock."

World Map of All Countries MedAID has distributed to:


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