1 July 2020 - We have moved !

Quick notice: We have now moved our website https://www.studentmedaid.org/ ! :D 

We are excited for you to see our amazing new website so click the link ! 

14 June 2020 - The Student Newspaper MedAID Article!
Hello all! 🌳 If you had not seen,
The Student
Newpaper kindly featured an article about our work! We would like to extend our thanks to them and offer you the opportunity to have a read, following the link below:
We would like to continue to raise awareness about MedAID to encourage the use of sustainability in medicine! This should hopefully get more people involved and create understanding on how to further prevent waste!🌿
If anyone wants to write more about us, can you please get in touch! πŸ“
Email: medaid.charity@gmail.com
10 June 2020 - In Vivo Article about MedAID!
Hello all!☀️ If you had not seen, the In Vivo issue 3 very kindly did a spotlight on our society! So we would like to thank
Edinburgh Medical School
for helping us to raise awareness of our society!πŸ’—
If you are interested in reading the article and learning more about what we do, follow this link:
3 June 2020 - Welcome our new committee members!
The newly elected committee for MedAID are as followsπŸŽ‰:

President - Alba Saenz de Villaverde

Vice President - Shazlin Shek Daud

Secretary - Grace Loy

Resource Director - Svenja Harvey

Resource Director - Adam Livingstone 

Treasurer - Edward Foo

Publicity - Kelsey Campbell

Events Co-ordinator - Sara Raza

Year 2 Representative - Sarah Barrie

Year 3 Representative - Aastha Singh

Year 5 Representative - Kai Lee

General Committee Member - Sophie Thrippleton

Come and see our newly updated Teams page to get to know us a little better! We are all excited for our plans to come this year and as always thank you for donating and helping us to make a sustainable difference in the world!🌱 30 March 2020 - MedAID AGM 
Join us at MedAID’s AGM on the 30th of March (6-8pm) 😊
We will be reviewing this year's achievements and electing our new committee. This is an amazing opportunity to work with a really friendly bunch of people while gaining valuable skills. We would love to get both new and experienced volunteers involved.
Hope to see lots of you there!🀩

22 Jan 2020 - Finding a New Home 

Thank you, Dianne, for finding a new home for the equipment ☺️

Excited to say we now have an additional oxygen concentrator, baby scales and baby heart rate monitor in our inventory. πŸ₯³

21 Jan 2020 - Donation from Ward 42  
Ward 42- an amazing ward with loads of donations ~ our favourite kind 😊 and here's to more future donations from the Western!
Special thanks to Rachel for reaching out and dropping the huge number of boxes off. πŸš—
Excited to get everything sorted and to update our inventory 🀩

20 Jan 2020 - Anaesthetics Department ...Again 

Alba Saenz de Villaverde and Shazlin Shek Daud gave an amazing presentation at Anaesthetics Department in Livingston yesterday, raising awareness about Med AID and encouraging more people to get involved.

Not to forget, a huge part of the credit goes to the members of the Anaesthetic Department for hosting us and their dedication in encouraging medical sustainability. πŸŒ± THANK YOU πŸ˜Š

Reflecting back, it's been really great to see so many people getting involved over the years. *Hints* What are you waiting for? Click below to sign up to our volunteer group or drop us a message for any donations/inquiries πŸ˜‰

4 Jan 2020 - First Donation from Anaesthetics Department 

First Donation of the Year from the Anaesthetics department of Livingston! πŸ₯³

We received 5 boxes worth of medical equipment πŸ˜ and a special shout out to @Lynn Carragher who kindly dropped off all the equipment off in Edinburgh😊

MedAID will also be doing a talk at St John's to the same Anaesthetic department on the 20th of January, so do lookout for the updates soon!
 — with Alba Saenz de Villaverde

28 Nov 2019 - Collection form Sick Kids Hospital 

Fabio Crolla - a totally amazing individual, has gathered and donated some equipment over to us from the Sick Kids Hospital which we are super thankful for! Also, a shout out to the volunteers who helped out with this big collectionπŸ₯°πŸ˜Š

If you'd like to volunteer/donate, please don't hesitate to drop us a message and we will definitely get back to you as soon as possible! πŸ˜

26 Nov 2019 - Collection form Western General 

Another incoming collection from the Westen General Hospital! Huge thanks to Sandra Grosset and the collection volunteers Shazlin Shek Daud and Dilini Fernando😍

24 Nov 2019 - MedAID at MSF conference in Edinburgh

Boy, Oh boy! Have the team members of MedAID been especially busy attending different events to help spread and increase the awareness of our amazing cause to "End Excess. Stop Wastage"

Just today, Dilini, Shazlin and Alba spent an amazing time a conference hosted by the MSF (psstt...thank you for the great conference )πŸ₯°

On behalf of them, we'd like to give a special thanks to the amazing people we met at the conference and hoped you all enjoyed our break up groups!😊

16 Nov 2019 - Electives Evening 

Hope some of you managed to catch Alba and Svenja at the Electives Evening and let's hear it for their dedication in helping to raise awareness about our cause. 

P.s. if you do have any suggestions/feedback, feel free to drop us a message anytime! And do give our facebook page a LIKE! 

13 Nov 2019- MedAID at ESSS Surgical Careers Roadshow 

Increasing awareness amongst budding surgical medical students. It went super well as you all can tell by the huge smile on Dilini's and Kelsey's faces! 

8 Nov 2019-  Welcome Trust+ Kelsey  & Clinical Research Facility at Royal + Shazlin 

New donations and collections again !!! πŸŽ‰

Let's give it up for both the Welcome Trust and Clinical Research Facility at the Royal for donating massive amounts of equipment and the amazing Kelsey (Right) and Shazlin (Left) for putting in so much effort to bring it around to our storage area! πŸ˜Š

Med Aid does always need more volunteers and even more donations, so if you are interested, please feel free to drop us a message and let us know!

Also, click on the link below to join our volunteer group where volunteer details will be posted! https://www.facebook.com/groups/476759472909031/about/

26 October 2019 - Project Soweto 

Has anyone heard of Soweto? It does sound like somewhere exotic doesn't it ? Well, it is! And, it is a township in South Africa! 

Unfortunately, people living there are facing huge challenges in life - in terms of accessing basic necessities / some things we take for granted like water, electricity, housing, jobs or schooling. Furthermore, medical access is limited, with ambulance response times of 2 hours 30 mins and a relatively next to no first aid kits ... 

But there is a man setting out to change all that, and MedAid has recently been in contact with him to donate some medical equipment. Click on the Distributor Story page to read more about Project Soweto and Rocky Clarck- the man who is driving force behind these changes! 

12 October 2019 -  WE NEED YOU (VOLUNTEERS)! 

😊Here’s a huge shout out to all the organisations and amazing human beings that have been donating excess but perfectly usable medical equipment to Medicaid.
🎊Medicaid wants you to know that all your contributions have, in their way, made an unseen but major impact on the lives of others. And especially in healthcare settings that require the most basic of equipment!!
πŸ“¦ In order to facilitate and increase donations, Medicaid is now proud to state that we are able to receive donations/postage via post : ) YAY! 

Furthermore, we do need more amazing people like you, to help us with transporting the much-needed equipment to either our storage area or to other countries (ps baggage cost covered for the latter )

So, do click on the link below to join in our MedAID Volunteers 19/20 page to receive more updates/volunteer information! 

Can't wait to see you all soon! 

5 October 2019- Working with Al-Bir SCIO for Chad  

MedAID has recently collaborated with Al-Bir SCIO to facilitate basic medical equipment transport to Chad!  For more information, please do click on the Elective Testimonies tab for a short read or visit our Facebook page! 

9 August 2019 - UoE Sustainability: End Excess. Stop Wastage!

Did you know that medicine has a considerable environmental impact?  And that in the UK alone, 100 million tonnes of solid waste are generated annually? Well, if you would like to know more, do click on the link below to read more about the thoughts of the committee members about sustainability and medicine !! Promise, it will definitely be a good read :) 

At MedAID, we do feel that every individual and every action, no matter how small, will be a ripple in the ocean - affecting those who are around us. So, let us all play our part in creating a greener and cleaner environment to live in! Also, here's a shout out to the volunteers and hospitals who are working together with MedAID to both care for human as well as the planetary health. 

5 July 2019 - Elective Students 

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our reports from recent distributors over this year! MedAID would like to extend a huge thank you to those who took the time to provide feedback and share their stories of how MedAID equipment has made a difference worldwide.

To our current elective students, please keep in touch - we love to hear how you get on and your reports make a great contribution to getting the MedAID name out there!

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15 March 2019 - New Committee Elected  18/19 

We are pleased to announce the incoming committee members for 2018/2019! ( Further info @ the team page :D) 

From right: Sophie, Svenja, Alba, Shazlin and Grace 

Also, here is a huge shout out to all the previous committee members for all their efforts and hard work into shaping and getting MedAid to where we are today! 

Previous & Current Committee Members 

25 January 2019 - Elective Students

Travelling to a country with shortages of medical equipment? MedAID Edinburgh can provide donations to bring to hospitals in need - and we can help to fund extra baggage costs!

24 November 2018 - MedAID Workshop at Edinburgh Friends of MSF Conference

Thanks for making it down for our breakout session at the Edinburgh Friends of MSF Conference!
We had a great time with those of you who signed up and we hope you took a lot away from the whole day :)
If you would like to get involved by donating equipment please drop us a message or join our volunteers Facebook group (MedAID Volunteers) if you want updates on our collections and events!

19 November 2018  - Edinburgh Friends of Medecins Sans Frontier (MSF) Conference

We're honoured to be hosting one of the breakout sessions at the FoMSF Workshop this Saturday! 
They've got an exciting day planned for you all with great speakers and parallel workshops in collaboration with other societies. Get your tickets fast! 

1 November - 10th Anniversary Logo Competition

For more information and Terms & Conditions, please refer to our 'Logo Competition' tab on this website!

1 November 2018  - Edinburgh Students Surgical Society (ESSS) Surgical Careers Evening

Drop by our booth to say hi and find out how to get involved!

15 October 2018  - Joint Info Session

We had a joint info session with First Aid Africa Edinburgh University and Edinburgh Sustainable Projects Abroad today. Attendees got to hear all about each of our volunteering opportunities, all in one place. Well done Alba for speaking on behalf of MedAID!

27 September 2018 - First Collection of the Year

Kickstarting the new academic year barely a month in with a big collection from RIE and Sick Kids Hospital! Special thanks to volunteer Adam Livingstone for helping out 
If you know of any GP practices/wards with unwanted or expired equipment that is still perfectly usable, OR if you just want to help out with collections, please do get in touch with our Resource Coordinators Svenja Harvey and Emily Richardson who will gladly point you in the right direction!

14 September 2018 - Movies & Munchies Night

MedAID hosted our first event of the semester - Movies & Munchies night! We screened Shaun of the Dead and provided free snacks and hot drinks to all who came. Thanks to the many freshers who attended the fun night!

Post credit scene! Thank you Adrian for organising the event!

10 September 2018 - RMS Fresher's Fair

Justin Chiong, our VP manning the MedAID booth at the RMS Fresher's Fair today!

31 August 2018 - MedAID Sheffield!

We are very delighted to welcome MedAID Sheffield to our family! 
Yun Xin Koh is a medical student from Sheffield who read of our work and felt inspired to start MedAID locally in Sheffield. MedAID Sheffield have been growing from strength to strength since then and we are excited at what the future has in store for MedAID Sheffield!
If you are interested in setting up MedAID where you are based, please do not hesitate to contact medaid.charity@gmail.com

25 April 2018 - Electives Evening

Our newly installed Vice President, Justin giving a talk at the Year 4 Electives Evening! Don’t forget to get in touch with us before your electives for free unused medical equipment that might potentially be really useful for your destination hospital 

20 April 2018 - Bake sale!

Our bake sale at Chancellor Building today was a huge success! A big hand to the new committee who provided all the scrumptious treats - brownies, carrot cake, banana cake, cookies, lemon drizzle and many more! 
Thank you for all your support!

19 April 2018 

Yay to another collection from RIE! 

12 April 2018 - Collection frenzy!

6 collections from MedAID today!! It’s been such a success and we managed to clear out the store room quite a bit that we can now walk! Have a lovely trip to Malawi, Nepal, India, Panama, Peru, Uganda, Dharmsala!

8 April 2018 - ASiT Conference 2018

Congratulations MedAID Edinburgh for presenting their work at the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) international conference yesterday!! Thanks to all of our members’ hard work! 

19 March 2018 - MedAID Edinburgh AGM

Thank you MedAID 2017/18 for your brilliant teamwork and for making MedAID such a fab society.
Congratulations to our new committee 2018-2019
President: Edward Christopher
VP: Justin Chiong
Resource directors: Svenja Harvey and Emily Richardson
Secretary: Alba Saenz
Treasurer: Huai Ling
Fundraising: Adrian Wilder-Smith
Publicity: Jamie Kok and Hannah Patterson
Senior adviser: Amanda Leow
Looking forward to another opportunity-filled and hopeful year ahead.

23 February 2018 - EUSA Society Awards

Following on from our nomination, MedAID have recently been shortlisted for Society of the Year by Edinburgh University Students' Association for Activities Awards 2018!
Thank you to everyone who has made this possible! You guys are the best πŸ˜

22 February 2018 - Lifebox: Saving lives through Safer Surgery

Thank you to those who joined us for a meaningful and engaging clinical seminar with Professor Thomas Weiser, who is a visiting associate professor in the Department of Surgery at Stanford University Medical Center. 

Professor Weiser has many laurels and accolades to his name. His research interests focus on quality and safety of surgical of care, and strategies for improving the safety and reliability of surgical delivery in resource poor settings. From 2006-2009 he was part of the World Health Organization’s 'Safe Surgery Saves Lives' program where he helped quantify the global volume of surgery and create, implement, evaluate, and promote the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist. 
He is a trustee of Lifebox, a charity devoted to improving surgical safety worldwide, where he leads its newly developed 'Clean Cut' program, a multinational effort to improve surgical safety and prevent surgical infections. 

It was an inspiring evening indeed!

February 2018 - EUSA Society Awards

Good news! 
MedAID has recently been nominated for the Society of the Year award at the Activities Awards 2018 by Edinburgh University Students' Association! We're absolutely chuffed!
Thank you to everyone who has made this possible, you guys are the best! 

8 January 2018 - Donations!

Receiving new donations feels like receiving belated Christmas presents. You can never get enough of them! Thank you to the staff at RIE.

18 November 2017 - CVMM Newsletter Feature

Exciting stuff! MedAID was recently featured on the University's College of Medicine newsletter! 
Thank you to everyone who let us use their stories as part of writing this piece! 
Do give it a read, learn more about what we do and the impact MedAID has made through students, alumni and healthcare workers like you and me!
25 October 2017 - Talk by Dr Ramya Bhatia

Thank you everyone for joining us tonight for this inspiring talk by Dr Ramya Bhatia, a clinical research fellow at the University of Edinburgh. It was very heart warming seeing how the lab-based side of research could be translated into the clinical setting, especially in a much needed area like Malawi where the cervical cancer prevalence is highest world-wide!
Thank you Edinburgh University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (EUOGS) for organising this successful event in collaboration with Medical Women's Federation (MWF) and MedAID!

23 October 2017 - Collection from Fort William

A collection this morning from Mr David Sedgwick a Consultant Surgeon from Fort William. Many thanks Mr Sedgwick and colleagues from Fort William for the kind donations!

18 October 2017 - Collection from RIE

Good news! We got another collection the other day the RIE! Thank you to our kind and consistent donors who have been helping us throughout this year! 

12 October 2017 - Collection from Centre for Dementia Prevention 

Another big collection! Many thanks to the Centre for Dementia Prevention (RIE) for their regular donations of equipment and Tegan for ferrying us around. We're gearing up for a great year of distributions!

23 September 2017 - Big Cheese Fundraiser
Thank you to the crew who came out on Big Cheese Night to help sell glowsticks and help us fundraise! 

We raised an approximate total of £100!
If you'd like to help out in the future for glowsticking (Big Cheese queue skip AND fundraising for charity = no brainer) or even for other events, do join our MedAID Volunteers group. 

18 September 2017 - About MedAID

Thank you to everyone who came for our first general meeting to hear about our charity and what we do! Looking forward to seeing everyone in the near future.

12 September 2017 - Free Pub Quiz

Thank you to everyone who made it to our pub quiz! It was a success and we hope you went away satisfied with the snacks, drinks, trivia and want!

11 September 2017 - RMS Freshers Fair

Thank you for stopping by our booth at RMS today! It was good to see so many new faces! We hope to see you at our free pub quiz, 4-6 pm at Teviot bar! Good luck with fresher's week!